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About the artist.

Steve Hansen is a fine art photographer based in the Pacific Northwest who specializes in creating panoramic images of the American landscape "The width of a panorama closely mimics our own human vision yet it still has such an impressive and unusual look about it. It has a way of transporting you to where I took the image and invites you to further inspect all of the incredible detail."

Steve spent his childhood just outside of Seattle, Washington and at an early age his artistic skills were being put to good use. His first artistic medium was oils and he learned to make incredible use of light, shape, and color which would later come in very handy. Completely self-taught, he began taking pictures with his father’s Canon AE-1 as a way to scout subjects for his paintings but what started as research soon turned into a full time obsession. For many years now, Steve Hansen has traveled the American landscape searching tirelessly for images that have genuine emotional content and visual impact.

Where's Steve headed next?